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Kitchen - the heart of any home. It is here, in a cup of tea or coffee, that a new day begins, when the family is going to meet at a dinner, meet friends and, undoubtedly, come to life here. This unique atmosphere of warmth and comfort, the aromas of homemade dishes and unhurried conversations we kept in the restaurant Fratelli.

The menu of the restaurant is very diverse. Therefore, in Fratelli you are waiting for the most beloved, and therefore the best recipes of Italian cuisine. In addition, in our wine list you can choose the perfect combination to any dish.

The restaurant has its own pastry shop, where everyone can love sweet creams, airy cheesecakes, cakes and much more.

Every year, by the beginning of the summer season, a summer terrace opens, enjoy delicious dishes and fresh desserts from Fratelli in the open air.

In our restaurant they love to come with the whole family.


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